DonePronto Dedicated Trust

  1. DonePronto mission is to provide homeowner with the tools and information they need at all cycles of homeownership.
  2. DonePronto needs to attract, satisfy and retain its homeowners base. Homeowners need to trust the reviews and business replies that are posted on our platforms to accomplish this
  3. DonePronto approach is to give the homeowner the tools and information they need from a source they can trust so they will always come back DonePronto.
  4. That trust is our only product in this new information economy that influences the purchasing decision homeowners.
  5. In order for us to stay a trusted source of information to homeowners, DonePronto want to deter review gathering practices such as review gating that inflate the number of good reviews while suppressing the number of bad reviews.

DonePronto Review and Business Reply Guidelines.

  1. DonePronto Review Guidelines are set to maintain the high level of integrity our reviews and business replies can have. Which is great for both business and homeowners.
  2. DonePronto review/business reply guidelines protect the trust that homeowners have in DonePronto reviews. That's it's a true representation of what a homeowner can expect from a business before they hire.

DonePronto Content Policies

  1. DonePronto Content policies is designed to ensure that homeowners viewing business generated content and homeowner reviews on our profile page has a positive experience.
  2. All reviews and replies posted must be based on true information and real experiences. Fake content or reviews, copied or fake photos, off-topic reviews, defamatory language, personal attacks, and unnecessary or incorrect content are all in violation of our policy.
  3. These policies apply to all homeowner reviews and business replies and content including: Text Reviews, Ratings, Images, Videos, Questions and Answers, Captions, Hashtags, Tags, Links and Metadata
  4. We reserve the right to delete or eliminate business profiles, business reviews and homeowner content to prevent abuse. We also reserve the right to remove content that violates our policies or terms of service, and to suspend or delete abusive accounts.

Where your content may appear

  1. If your review and business reply content is accepted for publication, it will be publicly visible to anyone who accesses DonePronto.
  2. If you do not want to share your experience, imagery, video, or information, please do not publish it using this service.
  3. If you cancel, delete or your account is terminated your content imagery positioning data and any improvements obtained from that content may be retained but will no longer be associated with your account.
  4. Published content may also appear within third-party sites that use DonePronto widgets or the DonePronto App. For more information about how your images may be used by DonePronto or third parties, please contact us at Info@donepronto

Prohibited and Restricted Content

  1. The following policies apply to all Reviews, Photos, and Videos. Content that does not meet these criteria may be rejected from publication on DonePronto.
  2. Content to DonePronto should accurately represent the real homeowners true experience with the business. Any reviews that offers a misleading or untrue account, we will remove. This includes reviews text, photos, or videos not related to the homeowner experience with that business. If a review is inaccurately placed on the site, or is associated with an incorrect listing, the review may be rejected.
  3. Reviews as well as businesses reply are automatically processed to detect inappropriate content like fake reviews and spam. We may take down reviews that are flagged in order to comply with DonePronto policies or legal obligations.
  4. Your reviews should reflect your genuine experience with a business and should not be posted just to manipulate a company’s ratings. Don’t post fake reviews, don’t post the same review multiple times, and don't post reviews for the same business from multiple accounts.
  5. Only post reviews based on your experience with a specific business. DonePronto is not meant to be a forum for general political, social commentary, or personal rants. Content that does not meet this standard will be removed.
  6. The reviews may not feature calls to action or offers for the sale of products/services. For example, you shouldn’t upload reviews that displays deals, coupons, pricing information, Links to a landing page where it is possible to purchase products/services, or email address and/or phone numbers to contact for the purchase of products/services within the review.
  7. We don't accept reviews or business replies that that contain obscene, profane, or offensive language or gestures, is illegal or depicts illegal activity. This includes Images or any other content that infringes on anyone else’s legal rights, copyright, contains sexually explicit material, dangerous or illegal acts, Illegal products and services or violence,
  8. DonePronto is a place for safe communications between Homeowners and businesses. For this reason, we don’t permit businesses or homeowners to post dangerous or derogatory content, including content that:
  9. Threatens or advocates for harm on oneself or others
  10. Harasses, intimidates or bullies an individual or group of individuals
  11. Incites hatred against individual or group on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization.
  12. We don't allow reviews to mislead others. This applies to deceptive content as well as false representations.
  13. DonePronto disallowed practices include, reviewing your own business and posting reviews about a competitor to manipulate their ratings.
  14. In addition to the Prohibited Content guidelines, Photos and Videos are subject to the following criteria.
  15. To be relevant within the review, photos or videos must be taken by homeowners or the business at the location in question. Stock imagery, or photos or videos taken by other parties, are not relevant and may be removed. If the primary subject of the content is irrelevant to the review, it may be removed.
  16. Replies to a homeowner review may contain stock imagery, or photos or videos taken by other parties but must be relevant to that review.

Any content you publish to DonePronto must follow these policies, as well as the

  1. DonePronto Terms and Conditions
  2. DonePronto Privacy Policy
  3. DonePronto Review Policy

Any other relevant product policies, and any relevant local laws and regulations.
DonePronto reserves the right to remove content, suspend accounts.